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It’s important to challenge yourself, push boundaries, dig deep, and overcome hurdles. Even if you start with small daily challenges, you must believe that anything is possible. The important thing is that you are pushing yourself to break the self-imposed barriers. Challenging yourself can completely change your life and open endless opportunities.

I have always seemed to lack confidence throughout most of my life. So to assist me in gaining my confidence I did things that took me out of my comfort zone and really pushed me to limits I never deemed possible. A few examples of me challenging myself include: jumping off a mountain, climbing Snowdon a couple of times, walking the Sydney Bridge in Australia and therefore always taking the opportunities that I was given.

One of my clients who had Hypnotherapy with myself managed to challenge himself after seeking help with claustrophobia to go up the tallest building in the world-  The Burj khalifa located in Dubai. Following his treatment with myself he now has strategies in place to allow himself to go into confined and crowded spaces.

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